Our basics collection is woven in palm.


 Palm Green
The PALM GREEN color is achieved by drying fresh palms in the shade while spraying them with water to ensure a slow drying process that helps retain the vibrant green.
The same palm is boiled several times and dried in the sun to achieve the NATURAL color.
Achiote Color The ACHIOTE color is the result of an arduous exploration lead by the weavers we work with. The color is achieved by combining nejayote a starchy water and lyme solution in which corn for tortillas is boiled with annatto seed paste and baking soda. The palms are boiled in this concoction several times and hung to dry.

COFFEE colored palm is a whole other palm species that is cut once it has dried naturally. As a form of respect for the natural cycles of palm and the weaver's lifestyles this color is only available seasonally in the dry months of the year.


We do not use chemical dyes and avoid all processes that might be harmful to the weavers’ health. All the palm is sourced locally either by the weavers or their neighbors.

Colors will fade and reveal a more pastel-toned nature with exposure to sun and water. We recommend storing woven palm products in a dry dark storage space.