A quien corresponda

We are happy to be part of the exhibition "A quien corresponda" curated by Inés Benítez and Edgar Rodríguez at the Kirkland Gallery in Harvard University. The exhibition invites Mexican designers and architects to showcase their work on a 0.0588 m2. surface in an American Institutional exhibition space. The format seeks to question exclusivity as a tool for legitimizing creative disciplines and manages to present an array of ideas concerning what design is in Mexico.

The curators also chose to make a reference to mail art. All pieces were delivered by mail and hat to fit a standard letter size envelope. This constrain lead to amazingly creative proposals but also made us think of last century's constant pursue for creative forms of communication between artists.

We submitted a very subtle small experimentation in palm made by the Fermín Procopio family of weavers. Since we have worked together they are constantly showing us the new ideas they come up with and we have formed an archive of expanded possibilities to their traditional technique. The piece explores a double weft petate that is woven to create a symmetric motif and then woven like a basket on the corners.

Amazing works by colleagues such as APRDELESP, Xavier Nueno Guitart, Fabien Cappello, Luciano Concheiro, Theo Michael, Sodio and LANZA Atelier are displayed along our own piece. If you are in Cambridge, MA we highly recommend visiting the exhibition!

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